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At Interlake Steamship Company, we are more than the 20 million tons of cargo we carry each year.

We are experts in fleet management, tackling logistical challenges and delivering marine solutions with a customer-first philosophy that has been engrained in our corporate DNA since the days wooden steamers sailed the Great Lakes.

As a privately held, family owned and operated business, we have a long-term vision and an unsurpassed commitment to the shipping industry.

No one invests more in their people and their fleet than Interlake because we know that having the most modern, efficient and environmentally responsible fleet is how we deliver the real-time responsiveness, innovation and reliability our customers require and deserve.

We embrace today’s best practices in ship management. Our shipboard labor force has one of the longest tenures on the Great Lakes allowing us to offer tremendous consistency and meet stringent expectations of the company and our business partners who we have served for more than a century.

We are committed to a philosophy of continuous improvement. Interlake was the first U.S. fleet on the Great Lakes to have achieved ISO 9001 certification, insuring our customers that quality and high standards are the intuitive way we do business, every day.

We own, operate and manage a versatile fleet of nine self-unloading vessels that range in carrying capacity from 24,800 to 68,000 gross tons, and have a total trip capacity of 390,300 gross tons. We can carry into the largest docks with our 1,000-foot class vessels to the tightest of docks with our versatile River Class vessels.

We strive for the highest level of operational excellence and performance. We have in-house design and technical capability of professional engineers, naval architects, first-class pilots and master mariners. Most of our leadership team, including our admiralty general counsel, has shipboard experience giving them unique competency and capability.

With this amount of collective maritime IQ at the ready, we generate innovative solutions and excel at solving logistical problems for our customers, regardless of the cargo, the turnaround time or the destination.

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