Interlake Logistics Solutions Introduces Barge Montville to Great Lakes Service

April 30, 2018

The Interlake Steamship Company, through Interlake Logistics Solutions, is pleased to announce it will time charter an asset from the East Coast to operate on the Great Lakes this spring: The 418-foot Montville, a single-hold, covered hopper barge with a 14,400-short ton capacity that will be able to carry a wide variety of cargoes.

The Montville barge will eventually feature a rail-mounted gantry that will support a large material handler capable of digging or lifting cargo out of the cargo hold and onto shore.

“We are very excited to bring the Montville into service to provide new maritime logistic solutions for our partners on the Great Lakes,” says Interlake President Mark W. Barker. “We’re seeing an increasing need for moving other types of cargo than the free-flowing bulk cargoes that we have traditionally moved. We felt that it was important to respond and fulfill the needs of our customers.”

Brendan O’Connor, Interlake’s Vice President of Marketing and Marine Traffic, says the Montville barge will be able to carry a wide range of cargoes from bulk products to steel to specialty project cargoes such as wind turbines, generators, heavy equipment and other large structural components.

“While barge service is available in the region, we believe the Montville is a unique asset,” O’Connor says. “Its sheer size and versatility sets it apart. The Montville will be the largest U.S.-flagged barge of its kind on the Great Lakes. With its large, open cargo hold – that is completely covered -- it will be able to carry high cubic cargoes as well as heavy cargoes protected from the environment.”

Interlake is partnering with Moran Towing to assist with the operations.

Inquiries should be directed to:

Brendan O’Connor, VP Marketing and Marine Traffic